Solution Studio Update 30.09.2016

Document created by Matthias_Walter Employee on Sep 30, 2016
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New Features


A new list can now be created during adding a new lookup column

Many times when adding a lookup column the list to get information from has not yet been created. Now a new link "Add new list" is available next to the "Get information from" selection in the Create Column dialog. Following the link will open the wizard for creating or selecting a SharePoint list without having to close the Create Column dialog.



Solution can contain other lists and libraries than dossiers

In the solution explorer a new section "Other lists & libraries" contains lists and libraries in the solution which are not used as dossiers or subitems. These are also an integral part of a solution and will be packaged and deployed (once this feature is available).



Append columns to a view directly from the "Insert a component" tab of the toolbox

When opening a list view in Solution Studio the available columns are listed in the "Insert a component" tab of the toolbox. When selecting one this is appended to the view columns.




Dialogs do not resize after initially opening

After initial loading of the dialogs the size isn't changed anymore on stepping to a new wizard step.


Better styling of dialog headers

The title headers of some dialogs was offset and too large.


User needs to confirm before dossier is removed

A confirmation dialog is shown to the user after clicking "Delete" in the dossiers context menu before finally removing it from solution.


Fixed Bugs


First authorization on new tenant does not work

When using a newly created SharePoint tenant to create a solution the first time, the authorization was not valid. This is due to some unknown issue with SharePoint authorization mechanism. We have implemented a workaround to avoid this issue.


List web part moves below left navigation when using right zone (runtime)

When the layout using right zone is being used on a view, the list view web part is shown (drops) below the left column with the navigation on the page. This has been corrected.


AL on view page of dossier has incorrect list context

The list context set in the Action Links web part generated for a dossier was containing a wrong URL to the list
(e.g. "/Lists/Cust0914/AllItems.aspx" instead of "/Lists/Cust0914").
This has been fixed.