Solution Studio Update 14.10.2016

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New Features


Dossier generation feedback

When generating a dossier the progress is shown to the user with on information what steps are being processed: 

Dossier generation feedback


Insert elements: User can insert sublists and -libraries into forms from toolbox.

The "Insert a component" tab in the toolbox contains a new section "Sublists and -libraries" which allows inserting an existing or new list or library as a sublist/-library to the dossier. All lists with a lookup to the dossier as well as all libraries are listed. Inserting will add an appropriate list or library view to the edited form. If the form (i.e. default display form of the dossier) contains dossier tabs a new tab is added which contains the list or library view. Otherwise the list or library view is inserted at the end of the form.

Insert sublists and libraries from toolbox


Adding Lookup Lists easily as well during creating column in toolbox

It is now also possible to create a new SharePoint list in the Create Column dialog even when it has been opened using the appropriate link from the toolbox.

add lookup lists while creating column


Fixed Bugs


Solution cannot be deleted from Editor.aspx

Using the delete button to delete a solution from the toolbar of the solution editor now works again.


Actions Builder delete icon is missing

In the Actions Builder the delete icon is now showing again:

Action Builder delete icon is missing


Page Layout zones are not working correctly for New and Edit forms of the dossier and for all forms of 'Other lists'

Page layout can now be changed correctly for all forms in the solution editor.

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