Solution Studio Update 25.11.2016

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New features


Save button should allow saving any changes to page (content editing) or form (RF)
The Save button can now be used to save any changes done in the content area (Rich Forms or Page Editing).

Save button saves any changes

Get profile image dynamically from Jive
The profile image is retrieved from the Partner Portal. When updating a new profile picture this will be reflected in Solution Studio too.

Dynamic profile image from portal


Bugs fixed


Dossier creation wizard hangs after opening Column Settings
When opening Column Settings in dossier creation wizard the wizard would hang forever. We have fixed this now. The same bug caused opening the Columns Settings when Values tab was disabled to make Solution Studio hang.


Aggregations are not recalculated
When reusing a list from a dossier previously deleted, where calculated value was set to aggregation, the values were not recalculated. This has been fixed.
Rich Forms: If the user has no Edit List permissions last column title is not shown in the sublist
In the sublist Grid View the last column header was hidden when a user without edit list permissions opened it.

Last column in sublist not shown if user has no edit list permissions

Rich Forms: Execute script action doesn't work properly in Action Builder
Editing the "Execute Script" actions script input area was not possible. This is now fixed.


When inserting a button into any tab of a Rich Forms, the content of the sublists's tab disappear
When inserting a button using the right-hand toolbox or the Rich Forms ribbon the contents of the tab disappeared. This is now fixed.


When 'Reduce recalculation delay' link is clicked for the first time, an empty dialog is opened and an error is displayed
When selecting the link to reduce recalculation delay in the Values tab of the Column Settings the first time, the dialog was showing empty. In most cases a second try would correctly open the appropriate dialogs though. We have fixed this to work on the first click too.


When edit item of the sublist or sublibrary from the display form of dossier item, user is navigated to the dossier view
After editing a subitem coming from the dossier's display form, the user is now redirected back to the default dossier display form and not to the default dossier view anymore.


List View Search does not work within sublibrary view: it shows root folder content when clicking on Reset
When configuring a list view search on a sublist of a dossier, clicking the Reset button would show the root folder in the sublist's view. This is now being correctly filtered.


List View Search: items should be filtered by CAML query at once when opening a page
When List View Search was present the items weren't filtered immediately when the page was opened. This configuration now works.


Access request approved even if not able to send mail to user
In some cases the user didn't receive a mail even though his new account was approved.


Remove requirement for users with MS Personal Account to approve app to read all their contacts
When using a Personal MS Account the app does not request approval to read all contacts anymore.


Full screen mode components are not deleted even though full screen mode functionality is obsolete 
Sometimes on new site collections, the top of the Solutions Editor page was cut off.

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