Solution Studio Update 09.12.2016

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New features


Metadata inheritance

We have now introduced the powerful feature we call "Metadata Inheritance". This allows configuring columns to automatically copy values from parent dossier or list referenced by a lookup.

One use case is to allow documents to automatically be tagged with meta data from its dossier, so that it can be found more easily by search.


It can be configured in the Column Editor on the Values tab by selecting the "~Inherit - retrieve from connected list item's column (metadata inheritance)":

 configure metadata inheritance

The list (of the parent dossier or referenced by lookup) can be specified and the column from which to copy the value can be set:

configure column to get metadata inherited from

The column value is updated automatically whenever the source value changes or the referenced item is changed.


The following restrictions or issues are known:

  • Date time field types are not supported yet
  • When list with taxonomy field is restored from a template, calculations may not be working
  • If errors occur on one configured meta data inheritance column, other configured meta data inheritance columns might not be updated automatically


Licensing and payment

We are implementing license checks. For the moment a valid license is automatically generated for every user, so you should not notice any changes. If you currently encounter licensing messages, please contact skybow support.


Default profile image is changed 

The default profile image is improved (less-pixelated).

default profile image



Bugs fixed


Tab stops working after renaming

When editing the tab title in Rich Forms and saving in some cases the tab was locked and did not work correctly anymore. This issue has been resolved.


Rich Forms with taxonomy fields not working

Forms containing a taxonomy fields would not render correctly. These work now.


Error produced in sublists with specific lookups

When the static name of a lookup didn't match the internal name an error appeared instead of the sub list. This could happen when importing from list templates. This case is now correctly supported.


Adding/editing a web part on a page hangs in Solution Studio

When adding a web part or Action Links on a page in the page editor caused the Solution Studio to hang. This has been fixed.


My Solutions page broken when solutions name contains ' (single quote)

When a solution name contained a ' (single quote), all following listed solutions could not be opened in My Solutions list. Now solution names containing special characters is correctly supported.


Aggregation: Event receivers do not work for drag and drop events

Aggregation did not work efficiently when documents where added or moved using drag and drop.


Aggregation: Support using lookup columns in filter

When the filter was configured to use a lookup column in a aggregated column the aggregated values where not recalculated. This has been fixed.


Aggregation: Issues when sublibrary contained same name as dossier

When the sublibraries name started with the dossier's name aggregation would not work correctly for columns on the sublibrary. This has been fixed.

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