February 2017 Quest - Get to know the surroundings!

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January is almost history and we had so much to do, wow ... with the launch of our Solution Studio Online, the new website, with all the procedures inherent to do this stuff, we couldn’t properly start a Quest already in January.

That's why our Quests start now in February.

Let's start with something simple, for everyone to be able to adjust itself and we also to be able to follow each one step-by-step.


When we move for example to a new city, we need to get to know the surroundings, right? We need to look around to know and we want to know more to feel ourselves in charge of our lives, to control, basically! This happens to everyone.

Here it happens the same, we ask you to know the surroundings, to get a better understanding.

But please read the Guide first:

Quest Guide - New Year, New Life!!!


February 2017 Quest

To complete this Quest, you need to do the actions below:


To see the monthly Quest and your progress with it, please make the following steps:

Go to your profile in the upper right corner and then click on the tab named Rewards.
Here you will see two tab's, one named Completed Quests, where you are able to see the Quests that you already completed and other with the name Available Quests, here you can see the Quests that you have available to complete.




You will receive 100 points for doing this 4 actions. The Quest is available to complete until February 28th only.


Easy peasy, right?


Have fun.

Let's see who starts the year well!

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