April 2017 Quest - Score our Accelerators

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Normally we all need to test something before we are able to comment it, to tell if please us.

Trying something forces you to be more mindful of what you are doing and to be more conscious.
A new approach like a tool can give you a new perspective, it forces you to face it from a different angle. For example trying to make a Report to explain your data instead of simply write analysis will make you look differently about what stands out and what is important.

Everyone experienced to do something in a different way at least once in their lives and verify that attracted some kind of attention. Some might reject this way but others will be attracted just by the fact that it is different. We can tell that trying something new can inspire others to give it a go and create some creative competition. I mean if YOU can do it certainly they can do it too. Maybe you realize this by using our Accelerators, they are so easy to use that even a non-technical Person like me for example, can use it.
You might find a better solution to your problem. It’s not certain that your new way will work, but if you don’t try something, well you will never find out.

Our work is constantly throwing up new challenges, which our existing tools don't fill it in completely and it often seems like the rest of the world is moving much faster than we are, right?

The joy when it succeeds or when it attracts the attention of others. The act of learning and experimenting is fun – and can be quite addicting. It’s like a game where you play to find out what works and how to get a better score.


So ....having said that, we think we are now in the perfect timing to do this.

Everyone had time to try our Accelerators and see what they are capable of doing. If you don't have the time to try our accelerators, try it now, you will have 1 month to complete this Quest.

But please read the Guide first:

Quest Guide - New Year, New Life!!!



April 2017 Quest     
We ask you to rate at least one of our accelerators / add-ins in the office store. You can simply score it or if you prefer you can write a comment. Let us know when you complete this one by writing a comment below.

We will try to make all efforts to fulfil your requests, so we are and always be of course sensitive to your comments.



You will receive 200 Points for this task.


Give it a try!!!



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