Solution Studio Update 03.02.2017

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New features and changes


Remove pages from solution

Pages can now be removed from a solution using the context menu on the "…" button next to the page in Solution Elements.


Improvement for sign-in to Solution Editor for a solution

When working with different sign-ins on different SharePoint tenants it could be annoying having to sign-in all the time. You are now automatically signed-in with the previously used SharePoint user when opening a solution in Solution Studio.


Errors occurring for background recalculations shown

When errors occur in the background processing for aggregations, calculated value expressions and metadata inheritance these are displayed in the Column Editors "Values" Tab.



Bugs fixed


Chrome: Rich Forms tabs in ribbon are missing after deselecting a field

In some cases after deselecting a previously selected field the Rich Forms ribbon tabs would not show again. Now the Rich Forms tab should be available whenever a Rich Forms element is selected.


When pressing browser back button Rich Forms content editor web part is duplicated

Multiple content editor web parts would be created on a customized form when pressing the browser's back button. This is corrected now and only one Rich Forms content editor web part should be available.


After saving form field rows much higher than default (some white space inserted)

Under some circumstances saving the customized Rich Forms form the field rows would become higher than initially and couldn't be reset again. This has been fixed.


Calculations with sublist values cause errors "Object doesn't support property or method 'replace'"

When adding caclulated values that referenced sublist values an error "Object doesn't support property or method 'replace'" would appear. This works now.


In action link expressions referencing fields cause errors sometimes

Due to timing issues an error "Field Name "<somefield>" not found." would sometimes appear on forms containing expressions on Action Links as well as a Rich Forms customized form. This is now corrected.


Action Links/List View Search Save button not working

Using the Save button at the top of the form or page editor in Solution Studio did not persist any changes to Actions Links or List View Search. All changes to web parts are saved now on pressing the editor's Save button.


Chrome: Values not saved when directly setting in behaviour tab of Rich Forms

If a user typed in an expression on behavior tab directly in some control without using the expression builder and then selected another field without pressing the enter button, the changes in the control was not saved. The values entered in the control are persisted now even when just selecting another field in the form.


Rich Forms: Set Field Value on user field doesn't work when not empty

An error occurred when using a Calculated Expression on a form that dynamically set a user field that already contained data. User fields are now correctly updated when using calculated expressions even if it already contains data.


For task sublists when clicking into edit grid cell first time input appears offset in top left corner of grid

Clicking on the first input of an editable grid in a runtime form the input would appear offset into the top left corner. This has now been fixed.


IE11. In some cases page hangs after adding new column from toolbox

Sometimes the page would hang when adding a new column using the toolbox. This has been fixed.


Error while saving icons added from SharePoint from another subsite

When assigning an icon to a list which was in another subsite an error would occur. This has been fixed.


Common issues about styling AL, RF, LVS in Solution studio

Miscellaneous issues where fixed concerning dossier styling for Action Links, Rich Forms and List View Search:

  • When the main content was deleted the Rich Forms styling was broken
  • List View Search is not shown after inserting a column in Toolbox in Firefox browser
  • When the Right zone displaying navigation is applied, AL web part size is too small
  • List View Search web part width was not big enough
  • After minimizing a list view it could not be restored again


(IE)"You have unsaved changes" pop-up is triggered if Attachments field is added

In Internet Explorer a "you have unsaved changes" dialog would appear when Attachments field was added. This has been corrected.


When navigating away from dossier a save dialog appears even when nothing was changed.

Even though no changes have been made in the editor the save dialog would appear in some circumstances. This has been improved.


Some cases are not handled as server side exceptions: e.g. when some column placeholder is set as CE to not corresponding column type

Not all errors were logged when errors occurred in the background on recalculating Calculated Expressions. Examples:
If setting a text value to a number field / When applying metadata inheritance to taxonomy fields that don't have the same term sets configured as the source field. This is now improved.


"Confirm Form Resubmission" dialog appears after creating dossier and refreshing the page

A ""Confirm Form Resubmission" dialog appeared after refreshing the page on a newly created dossier or freshly customized form. This has been fixed.

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