March 2017 Quest - Show us the coolest stuff you've created with skybow?

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When you attend to do something, and put a lot of effort in it, it means that it's very important for you, otherwise you may not put so many working hours and didn't care about.

Normally we like to do something for ourselves of course, but also something that in the eyes of others it's difficult to accomplish, something that surprise the other, we like to listen Wow!! How do you made this? This is so cool? How do you figure it out this solution? Intelligent Idea? And the list has no end. 


After accomplish this we feel great. We are in the cloud number seven, we heard the desired sentence - Well done!!

Intrinsically is like to gain, respect, recognition, acceptance. This is important to us, no? It’s what make us go on. For other side and for a group of people this can be also and addition, they want to have this feeling once more and try to surmount himself, attempt to solve something more complex.

But please read the Guide first:

Quest Guide - New Year, New Life!!!


March 2017 Quest     

So, for the March 2017 Quest we would like to give you the Wow feeling!

We challenge you, to show us the coolest stuff you have created with the skybow Accelerators, whether it's done with the Solution Studio Online, with one or more of our add-ins or with the server components.



Just make a screenshot of your creation, post it as a comment here and if it’s cool enough we will give you 200 points and the March 2017 Quest badge!






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