Solution Studio Update 26.05.2017

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New features and changes


Improved error handling when something is deleted on the SharePoint site

When SharePoint assets used by the solution have been deleted (i.e. lists, libraries or pages) on the SharePoint site, the element is marked in the solution explorer and an appropriate action is proposed.



Other Assets: User can include images as solution elements.

Solution Elements now contain an Images node. All images that belong to the solution and need to be packaged and deployed when the solution is distributed can be placed here.

When uploading images on Action Links or tabs in Rich Forms using the "From Computer" action the images are automatically stored here too.



Bugs fixed


Publish: Upload document action not correctly referencing new library in target site

The "Upload Document" action would not correctly reference the new document library when publishing the solution to a new site. This has already been fixed and deployed on 16.5.2017 into Solution Studio production version.


Page hangs while creating dossier using list from Other Lists & Libraries

When a list that was previously added to solution in "Other Lists & Libraries" was reused while creating a dossier, the page would hang on finishing the dossier creation wizard. This has been fixed.


Image inserted is not saved using "From Computer" option in Rich Forms tab or Action Links

The "From Computer" action on Rich Forms tab or Action Links icon did not correctly store the image. This is corrected now.


Upload Document action is not working when configuring to a list/library in another site

When configuring the "Upload Document" action to reference a list/library in another site, it would not work correctly. This now works.


Can't select Form in Action Builder after creating solution From Template

When trying to select the form in the Action Builder after creating a solution from a template, the forms wouldn't be listed for selection:

This has been fixed and the forms now appear in the selection.


Word wrapping of names on solution or template tiles doesn't work in IE

The titles of solutions or templates where broken in the middle of words on the tiles view of solutions or "Create from template" selection in Internet Explorer. They are now correctly broken between words.


Reset to version for non-default content type is not functioning properly

When non-default content type was selected during editing a form resetting to a previous version was not working. Works now.


When navigating into solution studio we sometimes do have an error and then the header is not displayed

In some cases Solution Studio's header (with the Build, Publish and Package tab, among others) would disappear. The header should keep showing now.


Package/Publish. MI and CE doesn't work on runtime while creating solution from Start From Template

Meta data inheritance and Calculated Value expressions would not work on solutions that were created from template. This is now fixed.


Add new column on Things in background button is not shown for small screens

On devices with smaller screens the "Add new column" button would not be shown, making it difficult to append a new column to lists. The "Add new column" now will always appear at the bottom of the columns list.


Improve scrolling of the right toolbox content at "Start from template page"

The toolbox content in the right is now scrolling into view correctly.


If New form of sublist is customized with RF, lookup to dossier is not set automatically when form is opened from our action link

When using the generated action "Add <sub list item>" the lookup to the dossier would not be set automatically on the opened New Form when this has been customized using Rich Forms. The lookup is correctly set if coming from a dossier even on customized forms now.


Drop area of second library is not displayed correctly if add two library one by one

When two sub libraries where contained on a form the drop area for the second library would not show at the correct position. We've fixed that.


Incorrect detecting valid site if we don't have slash at the end

When providing the URL to the target site without a slash at the end in the create solution dialog, the site would not be recognized as a valid site.

This is fixed now.


'Number of processed items' is not changing depending on progress

The "Number of processed items" would not be updated to reflect the progress when initializing calculated values on columns using aggregation, metadata inheritance or calculated value expressions. This should now increment as the items are processed.