skybow Rich Forms Full Trust

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skybow Rich Forms Full Trust


Version Number: (aligned to the RF version number in solution studio online)
Release Date: 22.09.2017





  • Expression function to retrieve custom user profile property e.g. [[@User.GetCustomProfileProperty("DelveFlags")]]
  • Modify add-in master page from injecting custom scripts
  • Show content type selector field by default when customizing Edit form of list with content types
  • Store only relative URLs everywhere (i.e. list action types) to support copying sites using other migration tools



  • Extend skybow theme designer styling configuration for Rich Forms
  • Incorrect selecting list for Open List Form action in RF when subsite with uppercase
  • Test item select is overlapping "Save" and "Cancel" buttons in Expression builder
  • Reset to version for non-default content type is not functioning properly
  • Handle case if Rf html structure broken
  • Adding Fields in Edge browser does not work
  • When content types enabled on list, the Content Type should be shown in toolbar of DispForm like on OOB forms
  • When versioning is enabled on list, the Version should be shown in toolbar of DispForm like on OOB forms
  • Content Type field can not be inserted on DispForm of default content type
  • Content Type should be shown like a field if explicitly inserted on DispForm
  • counter for cyclic expressions execution is working wrong in case of hierarchy
  • Save doesn't work correctly after resetting to previous version if special symbols presented
  • When clearing expression assigned to some field in Add List Item Action, execution fails for DateTime
  • User field is storing just full name after normalization not whole user info but email address is needed
  • When reloading form with the sublist all items of the list are displayed on the new form
  • Different tab selection is not saved in RF
  • If there are some lists without default new/edit/display form Rich Forms fails on home page
  • Document Set content type is missing
  • Spaces in group headers after saving
  • Action lost when adding a button and change the text style with ootb possibilities
  • Query Editor > template is selected instead of saved function code or assignment
  • Drag & Drop for documents doesn't work properly with different tabs
  • When there are no Site Assets, RF are not working (on-prem)
  • Add list item action doesn't show appropriate content types
  • List of many customized forms not correctly rendered on app home page