Solution Studio Update 02.10.2017

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New features & improvements


Major new feature released - Scheduled Actions


With Scheduled Actions you can now configure actions that are executed at a recurring date interval (daily, weekly, monthly) at a specific time. These actions will be executed in the background on the server.


Configuration of Scheduled Actions can be found on the "Things in Background" tab:

Clicking the 'Add Scheduled Action' button leads to opening of the Scheduled Action wizard.

The first step you'll see is the Details step:


Scheduled actions are created for the current list and will run for each item matching the query filter (for all list items if there is no filter).

Proceeding to the next wizard step "Schedule", you can configure the start date and schedule. If the start date and time are in the past, the action will be executed at the selected schedule. The schedule can be configured very flexibly to be executed per month, per week, per day, per year or even for specified days:


The next step "Actions" lets you configure Actions (currently 4 types are available, more to come):

 - Add Item

 - Update Item

 - Delete Item

 - Send Mail

Using the Expression Builder (launched with fx button) defining custom expressions for the different parameters and values is as flexible and powerful as you are already accostomed to in other features of Solution Studio.

If you wish to test your configured Scheduled Action, you can use the "Schedule Immediately" button:



Setting Person or Group field with multiple selections easier

Setting a person or group field with multiple selections enables is now much easier. Just use the placeholder of another similar person field with multiple selection without additional expression code:




Bugs fixed


Error when saving New, Edit form with sublist inserted from toolbox

Adding sublist items to the sub list which was inserted using the toolbox caused errors. This has been fixed.


Double quotes not handled correctly in evaluation of client-side expressions that contains CAML Query

We've fixed the evaluation of double quotes in CAML queries contained in client-side expressions. Now both of the following examples are evaluated properly (before only the second one was working):

=[[@Web.QueryList('testdos', '<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name="Title"/><Value Type="text">[[{ return [[Title]]; }]]</Value></Eq></Where>', 1, 'ID', '')]][0]["ID"]

=[[@Web.QueryList('testdos', '<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name=\'Title\'/><Value Type=\'text\'>[[{ return [[Title]]; }]]</Value></Eq></Where>', 1, 'ID', '')]][0]["ID"]


After removing solution or list in Solution Studio, configured aggregations, metadata inheritances and calculated expressions are still active

Fixed removing of configurations after removing related solution or list.


GetQueryString function not working correctly with new tab recognition on dossier 

Visible expressions containing the GetQueryString() method was not working on display forms of dossiers when ContentTypeId was the last URL Parameter, for example:


This has been fixed.


Document Generator multiple lookup properties not working correctly

We have fixed issues and improved handling with multiple lookup.


Cancel button doesn't redirect to All Items page after adding sublist item

Fixed issue when you add sublist item and try to return to All Items page using Cancel button.


Action Link web part doesn't inherit settings from Action Link that was created with dossier

Fixed issue that you can't inherit Action link settings from newly created dossier.


Wrong element focus issue on form  with Sublist and with calculated field value

Fixed issue that focus was jumping to item with Calculated value when a sub list item was inserted on a form.

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