Solution Studio Update 22.12.2017

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New features & improvements

Document Generator: Support views on sub list

Example of configuration:


[[loop SublistTitle view('SomeView') query('<Where><BeginsWith><FieldRef Name="Title" /><Value Type="Text">[[{return [[Title]];}]]</Value></BeginsWith></Where>')]]
[[end loop]]


Where 'SomeView' is a view .aspx page title:

The order and filter of the view are applied. If CAML query is added (that is not necessary), it is united with view query using an 'and' operator.


Scheduled Actions: Changed default value from 'Every minute' to '0 (Zero)' and removed 'Every minute' option

Now "Every hour and 0 minutes" is the default option


Bugs fixed

Rich Forms: check calculated expressions breaks functionality (should break execution loop after 5 times)


Rich Forms: calculated expression for UserField is not working when cleaning the input in case of chain on New Form


If scripting capabilities are disabled and new version of Solution Studio is available, Editor.aspx is not shown: File Not Found when solution is opened or Editor.aspx refreshed 


Payment: on Editor warning is shown on licensing icon for solution with wildcard after the dialog is opened


Solution Studio Online: Cannot create solution in site created by MS Teams

Now it is possible to create a solution on a Site created by MS Teams.


Expression new Date doesn't setting correctly according to original settings


Rich Forms does not show own content in runtime if sublist webpart is removed from Rich Forms and do not save page changes


There are no buttons in License wizard Edit mode on small screens

Now it's scaled properly

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