How to configure a cascaded lookup in Forms

Document created by BartW Employee on Dec 22, 2017
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If you want a cascaded lookup to give the user only choices in a dropdown that apply for a choice earlier made you can configure that in your form.

In this example we want to filter regions based on a pull down menu from a list of countries. Therefor we have a list with countries, and we have a list with Regions, that has a lookup to the list with counties, like this:

You can configure a cascaded lookup by selecting the filter all the way to the right in the behavior tab:

filter icon


Using the Query editor you can create the cascaded lookup:

Query editor

Now the result is that if you select a country, only the regions for that country are visible:


In this video you can see how cascaded lookups can also be used to filter lists with over 5000 items: