skybow Rich Forms Full Trust

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skybow Rich Forms Full Trust


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Release Date: 05.01.2018





  1. Make MultiPerson field setting easier: value can be set directly to another field of the same type (PRODUCT BACKLOG ITEM 52197)
  2. Solution Studio (Forms) - Insert new fields below selected field instead above (PRODUCT BACKLOG ITEM 49972)
  3. Validation in Action Builder (in the scope of PRODUCT BACKLOG ITEM 47194)



  1. Double quotes problem in evaluation client-side expressions that contain CAML Query (BUG 52346)
  2. SubList with calculated field value and wrong element focus issue (BUG 52463)
  3. Action Links > clicking several times on action causes hanging or errors (even double click) (BUG 52455)
  4. Field description of people picker is shown twice in Rich Forms (BUG 53011)
  5. On premises: [[Lookuptolist1.Author]], [[lookuptolist1.Editor]] placeholders are not working (BUG 52792)
  6. RF: Link with actions cannot be disabled (BUG 53014)
  7. New Date() expression doesn't setting correctly according to original settings (BUG 52454)
  8. RichForms does not show own content in runtime if sublist webpart is removed from richforms and do NOT save page changes (BUG 51895)
  9. Addins licence: If farm id in license file is in upper case check fails (BUG 53276)
  10. check calculated expressions breakes functionality ( should break execution loop after 5 times ) (BUG 53324)
  11. calculated expression for UserField is not working when cleaning the input in case of chain on New Form (BUG 53868)
  12. Revert to version dropdown not working after 133 saved versions (BUG 54199)
  13. Sometimes list form web part cannot be found when navigating to already customized form from the ribbon or app home page (BUG 54195)
  14. On-premises: Upload Document action icon not found, image alt text is visible (BUG 54187)
  15. On-premises > not working if mds feature is activeated (BUG 54161)
  16. Test functionality stops working if click Test button second time (on-prem and office 365) (BUG 54152)
  17. Sublist/SublistCurrentRow expressions highlights as unavailable if sublist has space in title (BUG 54065)
  18. Revert to version does not work after editing image in tabs (BUG 54111)
  19. Tabs title font size cannot be changed from the Format Text tab (BUG 54076)
  20. entire form is hidden if rendering of taxonomy or sublist fails (BUG 54064)
  21. when trying to delete letters in tab title using Delete key on keyboard the entire tab is deleted (BUG 54077)
  22. cannot add space to button text if '&' is present (BUG 54080)
  23. Person field is not deleted on edit form if another person field that is a source for calculated value is deleted (BUG 54054)
  24. Extra fields are inserting into form on hover on fields list from ribbon (BUG 53009)
  25. Http Request headers are not saved in Action Builder after reopening (BUG 53416)