Solution Studio Update 16.03.2018

Document created by Andreas_Meier Employee on Mar 16, 2018
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Bug fixes / Improvements

Placeholders: Make @Page.GetQueryString case insensitive

[[@Page.GetQueryString('TeSt')]] will return same value as [[@Page.GetQueryString('test')]];


Publish: Removed timeout when publish is updated

Now verifying update of huge solution will proceed as long as it need to be proceeded without timeout

Store and Add-In deployments: Subscription cannot be retrieved on tenants were Solution Studio hasn't permissions

Sublist items not saved on Edit form of other list > Message when saving Edit form of other list with configured expressions

[[Lookup.Person.LoginName]] placeholder doesn't work in clientside expression

[[MultiLookup.MultiLookup.Number]] placeholder doesn't work correctly and shows value of the last lookup

Scheduled Action is not working after updating action data.

Calculations don't work correctly with decimal numbers on calculated client-side in Rich Forms

Previously not all decimal separators where supported in different locales. (e.g. German)