How to migrate skybow Rich Forms to Solution Studio Online

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This article describes the scenario to migrate your skybow Rich Forms configuration to Solution Studio Online.

Before you go through this steps, ensure that you have a backup of your data.



Why you want to migrate to Solution Studio Online

The staging process is much easier with Solution Studio Online. To have Development, Test and Live Environments can be a pain point of SharePoint.

Solution Studio Online offers a very intuitive and easy way/tools to achieve exactly this! With Packaging, Versioning, Updating and multi deployment functionality!

And it extends your experience with a lot more features you can use to embed in your Solution!



Starting position, configuration with skybow Rich Forms Add-In

Let's assume that there is a Development and a Live environment with the exactly same configured Form everything configured with skybow Rich Forms.



In this example we have a dossier of Contacts with Documents and Tasks attached. And we show the process what we do to move to Solution Studio Online.



  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Tasks


Forms Edited:

  • New Form
  • Edit Form
  • Display Form with tabs and dossier structure



  • 3 Icons used for Tabs


Then the configuration was exported from the Development Environment and manually imported in Live Environment.




Steps to Migrate

 Overview of Steps (short form):

  1. Create a Solution that is targeting the Site URL of the Development Environment.
  2. Add all Lists that are related to your configuration to Other Lists & Libraries section. Never use New Dossier with existing list because this will overwrite your configuration!
  3. Package your Solution
  4. Publish your Solution to your Live Environment

If you only want to migrate one Site than you only need to do steps 1 and 2!

Detailed description of all the steps you can find in the next chapters.


Migrate Development Environment to Solution Studio

  1. navigate and login to 
  2. Create a Solution in Solution Studio that is connected to your Development Environment Site URL.
  3. Include all the needed Lists to other Lists & Libraries -> Use an existing list from SharePoint site:

    Do not use add "Dossier" Wizard! Always use "Other Lists & Libraries"! Add "Dossier" Wizard would overwrite your whole configuration!

  4. During adding existing Lists it will take the current configuration of the Add-In
  5. Please be aware that if you e.g. have Icons on the Tabs and this Icons are not in the image library they will not be packaged and published, either you include it to the page (left click on image and click on "Embed Icon in Page") or you upload it newly to the Images folder that it is part of the Solutions "Other Assets"

Delete Add-In from Development Environment

  1. Delete the Add-In from the Development Environment so that we will not have conflicts of the Add-In and the Solution Studio Online functionality.

Package a first Version of the Solution created in Development Environment and Deploy it to the Live Environment

For all the information related to Package and Publish mechanism please have a look on following resources:


skybow Solution Studio - Package & Publish 

skybow Solution Studio - your FREE list staging tool 


Or use the community to find related topics and information.


During deployment in verification step you need to select Force Update!

Please also have a look on the Verification output if everything is fine to be overwritten!

Your Data (List Items) will remain.


Delete Add-In from Live Environment

  1. Delete the Add-In from the Live Environment like in the previous chapter ("Remove under Site Contents") so that we will not have conflicts of the Add-In and the Solution Studio Online functionality.


Now your staging and ALM cycle is up-to-date and you can use the full functionality of our great Solution Studio Online!


Fallback scenario

If something went wrong during migrating to Solution Studio Online you easily can do a fallback by doing following steps.


  1. Install skybow Rich Forms Add-In
  2. Customize each Form from Add-In again and save


This will ensure that the Form configuration is using the Add-In functionality again instead of the Solution Studio Online functionality.

In the end delete the created Solution from Solution Studio Online.

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