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Default currency

Three currencies are available in Solution Studio Online. These are Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD) and Switzerland Franc (CHF).

Default currency is (and was) EUR. Newly registered accounts currency will be set to USD / EUR / CHF depending on the country provided in the Address.


Edit Account currency

Your default Currency is visible and can be edited on Payment Information page.


(Navigat to the Payment Information page)


Use default currency drop-down menu to change it. When you create new payment account, it’s currency is taken from the selected default value. Currency can’t be changed for existing payment account.

Selected default currency also defines the currency of all prices in Solution Studio Licensing


Newly created payment account will be registered with the current default currency you have selected. Multiple payment accounts can be created for each currency. During license checkout process, you only see the accounts, matching your default currency.



It is recommended to stick to one currency


The currency of existing Licenses can not me mutated. The only way to do this, would be the cancellation of the current License and buy a new Licence with the demanded currency. Be aware of the contract duration of the existing licese