How to execute an asynchronous function in Execute Script action?

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If you need to wait for callbacks in Execute Script action and then next RichForm actions should be executed, it's recommended using jQuery.Deferred() object.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to achieve this:

var deferrer = jQuery.Deferred(); //new deferred object is created.
window.setTimeout(function () {
deferrer.resolve(); //Resolve the deferred. Then next predefined RichForm's actions will start to execute.
}, 10000);
return deferrer.promise(); //returns promise object



After a new item is added you want to update its permissions and allows only Approver to edit this item.

In order to achieve this, open a new form in solution studio and add new action Execute Script after Save Form action for Save button:

New Form


Javascript code for Execute Script (Update Permissions) action:

var deferrer = jQuery.Deferred();

var ctx = SP.ClientContext.get_current();
var web = ctx.get_web();
var list = web.get_lists().getByTitle("DemoList");
var item = list.getItemById([[ID]]);
var approver = web.ensureUser([[Approver.LoginName]]);

//Break permission inheritance and clear existing permission rules.

var itemAssignments = item.get_roleAssignments();

//Set read-only permisisons for site default groups
var roleDefBindingsReader = SP.RoleDefinitionBindingCollection.newObject(ctx);
itemAssignments.add(web.get_associatedVisitorGroup(), roleDefBindingsReader);
itemAssignments.add(web.get_associatedMemberGroup(), roleDefBindingsReader);
itemAssignments.add(web.get_associatedOwnerGroup(), roleDefBindingsReader);

//Allow Approver to edit the item
var roleDefBindingsApprover = SP.RoleDefinitionBindingCollection.newObject(ctx);
itemAssignments.add(approver, roleDefBindingsApprover);

ctx.executeQueryAsync(function() {
}, function(sender, args){
deferrer.reject("Failed to update item permissions: " + args.get_message())

return deferrer.promise();


Execute Script (Update Permissions) action