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New features

Rich Forms

Version 4.0.34

Filtering for Sublist Lookup fields

Rich Forms Sublist Lookup Filter

Example of cascading lookup configuration: SubList.City field values are filtered depending on selected SubList.Country value:


The filtered column can be sorted in a specified order if OrderBy element is manually added to the query.
Example of configuration with additional ordering:

<View><Query><OrderBy><FieldRef Name="Continent" Ascending="TRUE" /></OrderBy><Where><And><BeginsWith><FieldRef Name="Title" SBUniqueName="Title" /><Value Type="Text" ProviderType="FormInput">[[FromCountry]]</Value></BeginsWith></And></Where></Query></View>


Bug fixes & improvements

Modern Forms

Version 1.0.34

  • fixed Set Form Field Value action for person field types in IE 11

  • fixed issue with adding placeholders in Expression Builder when opening it for the second time
  • disable UI on button click
  • fixed expressions evaluation and lookup filtering functionality for lookup fields located inside a tab


Rich Forms

Version 4.0.34

  • improved saving and error handling logic in case of SharePoint server-side errors
  • fixed Document drag'n'drop upload issue when upload was never finished, but Document was uploaded correctly
  • fixed SharePoint field description rendering after initial "Click to edit using Rich Forms"


General Expression Calculation

  • Changed return value format of the number and currency field types: all digits after decimal delimiter are returned instead of reducing to two decimals.
    To have fixed decimal places, use the toFixed() function.
    Example of configuration for returning number field with 2 decimal places and handling validation of null values:
    { if ( [[Number]] ) { return parseFloat([[Number]].toFixed(2)); } else { return [[Number]]; } }