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Importing an Existing non-Skybow Production Site into Solution Studio (for minor modifications)



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    skybow Support

    Dear Kilgore ServiceAccount,

    you could do it exactly as you described, just don't press the "Customize by Modern Forms" button.

    If you don't need to package and publish it to another site, there might be an easier solution, which has less impact -> You could install our separate List Actions Add-In and just deploy it on that site only. This will give you an additional command bar button to configure actions without Solution Studio.

    skybow List Actions Add-In - Getting started – skybow Portal

    Kind regards

    skybow Support Team

  • Kilgore ServiceAccount

    I appreciate the guidance on how to accomplish this in Solution Studio!

    As far as the suggestion goes...

    This was actually my first thought, months ago, as far as my best bet for creating 'temporary connected tissues' between legacy Solution & future Skybow solutions...

    I believe I had this discussion with Support via email, but to make sure...

    'List Actions' does or does not require a separate license from Solution Studio?

  • Matthias_Walter

    Dear Kilgore ServiceAccount,

    the List Actions Add-In has a separate license, which is included if you have a full Solution Studio license purchased. (not included in Solution Studio - One Solution and former Plattform Standard)

    Just contact via email if you want to use it.

    BR Matthias


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