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Getting email addresses from SharePoint group members - getting error



  • skybow Support

    Hi Dale

    It sounds like you have named the HTTP Request action different than in the sample which output is referenced in subsequent actions: [[@Actions.Send_HTTP_request_to_get_users_from_group.ResponseBody]] is an output from Send HTTP request action with user emails.

    Go into the "Set variable..." action and replace in the second line the action output placeholer with the one from your configured action - easiest in Expression Builder where the placeholder is available to insert directly without writing manually.

    var response = [[@Actions.Send_HTTP_request_to_get_users_from_group.ResponseBody]];

    Let us know if this was the issue

  • Dale Zach

    Yes, that's exactly what I did. I've corrected that and its now working. Thanks so much!


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