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Pop-up Error message




  • Christof

    Hi Maria

    If you have this request we recommend to make the errors more present with the Styling functionality in Modern Forms. Styling & Conditional Formatting introduction
    Adjust the styling of the Error message below the input fields to your needs (i.e. make larger):

    And style the input field itself and the control containing the invalid input field (section, tab, etc.). There is an article about Styling & Conditional Formatting with this example described:
    For example, you can add the Error Style template on the tab to visualize the error of an inside field containing no valid value. In this case the new placeholder [[Field.Isinvalid]] can be used. 

    For sure you can enhance your form by showing more feedback messages to the user. Therefore I would suggest the Show a message action with a condition before the Save Form action (or use the Condition control). You can check with Expressions whatever you want: empty values or the .Isinvalid property per input field. Basing on the result you can show the message or save the form.

  • Maria Giugno

    Hello Christof,

    I appreciate your response, but I'd like to clarify my main concern. I'm not too worried about the styling of the error message. Instead, I'm more concerned about being able to generate a pop-up notification when an error occurs, rather than just enlarging the caption text underneath the field.

    To address this issue, I was thinking of adding my current script to a condition. This would allow it to check if any field on the form has an error. If it does, the script will execute the necessary javascript.

    I will try both options and let you know which one works best.

    Thank you for taking the time to help me with this.


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