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M365 Actions - Running Questions




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    Maksym Hryshakov


    1. You can enter a name of created Plan/Note in 'Content to display' and link will be build automatically. Name of created Plan/Note you can get from outputs.
    2. Delay isn't necessary in Skybow, there is already a check if group is available inside the action.
    3. Unfortunately there is no way to thoroughly debug action execution. The error you showed most likely has something to do with invalid values. If you use expressions you can test them inside Expression builder. Hope you will find what is wrong. 
  • Kilgore ServiceAccount

    2nd Question... 

    In Power Automate, I found that there is usually 16 minutes inbetween 'Group Creation' and the ability to 100% 'Create Team from existing Group'...


    Is setting up a similar Delay necessary in Skybow?


  • Kilgore ServiceAccount

    How might I go about debugging what is happening with this error? [I am trying to add a series of Teams tabs. I keep getting thrown this error on either the 3rd or 4th tab.]


  • Kilgore ServiceAccount

    Greetings Christof,

    I just wanted to throw a scenario at you and see if you had any thoughts on a method to achieve it or if it is actually even possible.

    Goal: Create Teams Tabs which have the same functionality as the 'Files tab'.

    Context: The Files tabs is unique. It's AppID is either: 3ed5b337-c2c9-4d5d-b7b4-84ff09a8fc1c / FileBrowserTabApp. It is basically a OneDrive file explorer, and it's uniqueness is most obvious when using a phone or tablet. It makes use of "_layouts/15/filebrowser.aspx".

    It's 'Url', when using Dev tools is along the lines of:{"sdk":"1.0","entry":{"sharePoint":{"byPath":{"folder":"/sites/MustangCat/Shared+Documents"}}}}&theme={theme}

    Content URL is roughly:{"sdk":"1.0", "entry": {"sharePoint":{"byPath": {"folder": ""}}}}

    Website URL:

    Decoded JSON for Files Tab in Dev Tools:




















    Do you know if it possible to create Tabs, which use the FileBrowserTabApp (OneDrive file explorer) for Document Libraries OTHER THAN the default Shared Documents?

    I've attempted every possible HTTP payload in Power Automate and Skybow, with little luck, but a few interesting results... but nothing that is truly what I am looking for. In English, this is the only content I can find that is even talking about this concept:




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