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How to read XML document in triggered action




  • skybow Support

    Hi Samuel,

    For now, HTTP Request action for Triggered and Scheduled actions does not support reading the SharePoint file content. DOMParser API for XML parsing is not available in our server-side javascript engine during expression evaluation.

    I recommend you use Execute Script action in Modern Forms or List Actions, which are executed in the browser and you can readign the file content from SharePoint and use DOMParser interface to parse the XML file content.


    Best regards,

    Yuriy Stetsyuk

  • Samuel Paska

    Hi Yuriy,
    of course I understand. We have found a workaround as we can do it via the Action button in the Display form, but it doesn't work on MacOs (please check my last support ticket).

    For your better understanding of this issue, our client has this XML parser in Power Automate and now we are migrating this solution to Skybow. He has a workflow with dragging and dropping files from Outlook to the Sharepoint document library, and he hates the workflow like downloading a file from Outlook to his computer and then uploading the file via a button in the Display form because there are a lot of steps and clicks.

    If you need i can send you our action for uploading and parsing XML file.

    I think this may be the key future of how to work with documents. Many of our clients use drag and drop SharePoint function, work with third party applications that export data to xml or share link for document library to external people for uploading documents. Therefore, we need to work with documents on the backend more and more often.

    Thank you.

  • skybow Support

    Hi Samuel,

    We've introduced the feature to load JS files while evaluating expressions in Triggered and Scheduled actions. The limitation is that the JS file needs to be located within the current SharePoint site.

    Since DOMParser is not available in background action executions, I recommend using the fast-xml-parser open-source library to convert XML file content into JSON: 

    The following example demonstrates how to load an XML file and convert its content to JSON:

    /// <reference path="SolutionFiles/fxparser.min.js" />

    var parser = new XMLParser({
       ignoreAttributes : false

    var xml = [[@Functions.GetFileContent('[[@Web.Url]]/Shared%20Documents/app.xml', false)]];
    var json = parser.parse(xml);
    return json;

    The fxparser.min.js file has been uploaded to the SolutionFiles library on the current site, and this library has been added to the solution with the enabled package&publish library content option.


    Best regards,

    Yuriy Stetsyuk


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