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Building Apps with deeper structures



  • Vladyslav Noskov

    Hello Rüdiger Gros)

    For example, you can create two Dossiers in such way (to connect Dossiers and ensure proper connections between them):

    1. "Accounts" with Sub items "Contacts" and "Contracts"

    2. "Contracts", but use existing list ("Contracts") during dossier creation. Also add Sub item "Contract Documents"  to this Dossier.


    As a result you will have two Dossiers that connected (by lookup field) with each other:

    1-st Dossier:


    Contacts (Sub item for 1-st Dossier);

    Contracts (Sub item for 1-st Dossier).

    2-nd Dossier:

    Contracts (it's Sub item for 1-st Dossier and also main list for 2-nd Dossier with Name "Contracts"):

    Contract Documents (Sub item for 2-nd Dossier).


    Best regards,

    Vladyslav Noskov

  • Rüdiger Gros

    Hi Vladislav,


    this is what I did already from the beginning on, but it seems that the Lookup-Link from Contracts to Contract Documents did not work as expected, so that I couldn´t klick on a contract in the Accounts Details to navigate to the Contracts Details without further Action Links.

    I haven´t had the time to investigate deeper and expected that my approach did simply not match good practice - so i opened this thread to learn a bit more.


    I´ll double-check what went wrong - as you confirm that my initial approach was ok.


    Thanks for your Support.

  • Rüdiger Gros

    Hi Vladislav,

    just to close the thread: Works like expected and as you confirmed. So, the basics are clear I am going to play around with some layout and design topics to get an overview on how to manage the look & feel best.




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