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JSOM in Rich Forms



  • Rosario Matos

    Hi Manuel Habert,

    We didn't forgot your question. We return to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you


    Rosario Matos

  • Andriy Berezovskyi

    Hi  Manuel Habert


    Did anyone use JSOM in the new Rich Forms?
    Yes we use JSOM into RichForms . You can use JSOM into your execute script actions too.


    Is it possible to get SharePoint objects in the execute script action?
    Yes this is possible. Even more you can get context objects like User,Site,Web,etc.


    If it's possible, what is the best way to import the javascript files?
    It depends. If you have large js file you can load it using script editor webpart on your form and after that use your js functions from your configured script actions .If you have small js file you can insert it directly into script action.


    Best Regards

    Andrew Berezovskyy




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