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Dropdown - Search as you type




  • Mike Peterson

    In addition to a SearchType property (Starts with | Contained in), in a subsequent release it would be good to specify one or more fields to search against.  If multiple fields are specified, results should be displayed in a pop-up data grid that contains the primary display field, and the additional fields that are in included in the search.

  • Mark Ferkaluk

    From my perspektive you should be able to define a view per lookup column. In the view you could predefine filters and sorting and the fields that shoud be displayed for every item. So you should be able to display multiple lines for every drop down item.

    And all fields (lines) for every item should be searchable with a cotains filter.

  • Christof Nussbaumer

    This functionality is implemented in Modern Forms. The selection is filtered by containing the typed in text:


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