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Showing titles of documents and tasks with document generation



  • Christof Nussbaumer

    Hi Mattias Mainil


    Have a look at chapter Document Templates in this article: Document Generator introduction

    Define loops like this in your word document template:

    [[loop SubListTitle]]


    [[end loop]]


    There's an Example of a template to download in which is a sublist (work items of a timesheet) loop configured.


    Please let me know if this is what you're looking for!

  • Mattias Mainil

    Hi Christof,


    For the tasks this will work but for the document library I will need another solution. I want to show the title field of the documents that are related to the project list.

    Can you assist please?

  • Christof Nussbaumer

    Hi Mattias Mainil


    The reason for this is: Sublibrary documents does not have a lookup to it's parents. They're related by a named folder {mainlistname}-{mainitemid}.


    Therefore you have two options:

    • Calculate a lookup on each document to the parent dossier based on the {mainitemid} part of the folder
    • Use Filtered Loops with CAML parameter in document generator that filters by folder: Word Generator Placeholder Expressions 
  • Christof Nussbaumer

    Hi Mattias Mainil

    We implemented this functionality for easy configuration in latest release of Solution Studio (Solution Studio Update 22.06.2018).


    Snippet for word template:

    [[loop YourSublibraryName query('<View Scope="Recursive"></View>')]] [[FileLeafRef]] [[Title]] [[OtherField]][[end loop]]

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