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Pull a sub field




  • Matthias Walter

    Hi S Marshall,

    how is the relation between Contracts and Clients? Can a contract have multiple clients?

    How is the dossier setup?


    Sorry for all those questions, but I need to have more details to give you a good answer.

    BR Matthias

  • Stephanie Marshall

    Hi Mattias,

    I used the contract template (which is amazing) and modified it with our fields etc.


    Within the Clients list I added a lookup to the Company list I created (only contains the company names).  A contract and client can only have the same company.  I.e. The client (Client A) at the company (Company A) is the owner of the contract (Contract A).  That won't ever change.

  • Matthias Walter

    Great, thanks for clarification and nice to hear that you love our templates! 

    To achieve what you are looking for, you can simply add a new text field to the contracts list and add a calculated expression like this:


    To make it read-only set it to "display only" in the rich forms tab



    Best regards



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