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EditForm Library fails on save by adding a new document



  • Jelle Dijkstra

    After testing some different scenarios, I noticed that when I set "Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited? " in the versioning settings of the (sub)library. The documents could be uploaded.
    Sounds like a bug to me... or am I missing some required settings to set before adding a sublibrary?

  • Christof Nussbaumer

    Hi Jelle Dijkstra

    I tried to reconstruct the issue but was not able to... please have a look at my steps and configuration - you may see a difference to yours? (The EditForm of the doclib is customized with Rich Forms)


  • Jelle Dijkstra

    Christof Nussbaumer configuration is similar as I had.

    I have turned on check-in/check-out now to get it working.


    To check if something magic happens in-between I changed back the settings similar as your versioning settings and again document will not save.

    Upload document is ok, but afterwards the Editform keeps "working on it".  Only Cancel can stop the process.


    As far as I can see it only happens in this sitecollection. I will give it a try on another sitecollection with the same setup.


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