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Get People-Picker via [[@Web.GetFirstValueForQuery()]]



  • Taras Lozynskyy

    Hi Jens Hetze
    [[@Web.GetFirstValueForQuery()]] will send the request to the Sharepoint to grab data by your query.
    Site Users are stored in a list, the internal name of which is "User Information List" but he is on the root web of a site collection.
    So you must use 


    For example:
    [[@Site.GetFirstValueForQuery('User Information List', "<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='ID' /><Value Type='Number'>3</Value></Eq></Where>", 'Title')]]
    This will give you the Title of user with ID == 3

  • Jens Hetze

    It is possible to get mail adress from another list and that list is not connected with current list by lookup.


    First, the type of expression must be "Assignment".

    Then attach to ["$6_2"] to [[@Web.GetFirstValueForQuery()].


    For example: [[@Web.GetFirstValueForQuery('ListName', 'CAML-Query','FieldToReturn')]]["$6_2"]


    It is also possible to get:

    • displayName ["$5o_1"]
    • userID ["$1s_1"]

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