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Conditional formatting on any element



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    skybow Support

    Hi SandyLT,

    this feature is highly-ranked on our side as well, but not yet planned. For static styles you can already use a pre-form load action "Execute Script" to load CSS styles like this:

    jQuery('head').append("<style type='text/css'>div[class*='skyFormsContainer'] { background-color: #BFDBAB; }</style>");


    Please stay informed about the dynamic/conditional formatting feature by following our Release Downloads (


    Kind regards



  • SandyLT

    We've had several customers request this feature for Modern Forms. Not only conditional formatting, but also the ability to add color to sections/tabs for a better visual experience. The most recent request was: "Is it possible to change the background colour of a field based on its value via expressions?" 

    I realize that the resulting list item can be conditionally formatted within SharePoint now, but this is about adding that to the form to give visual cues to the user editing the form, or while displaying an item.


  • SandyLT

    Thanks for the reply, Matthias-Walter

    I don't think the static CSS script will help in the scenarios our customers have raised, but it's good to know that's possible. 

    This customer replied further, after I told them I'd bumped this on the feature request list: "We’ll find conditional formatting very useful, handling large volume applications highlighting with visuals makes the job much easier."

    Hopefully with SharePoint adding more built-in formatting options, this will become a higher priority :-)




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