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Set max height and scrollbar on multiline textfield in Modern List with RichForms?


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  • Matthias Walter

    Hi Tomislav Karafilov,

    therefore you have 2 options

    • Set it using Javascript in an "Execute Script" form load action
      var myElements = document.querySelectorAll(".ard-formwebpart .ms-rtestate-field");
      for (var i = 0; i < myElements.length; i++) {
      myElements[i].style.maxHeight = "200px";
      myElements[i].style.overflowY = "auto";


    • Set it using CSS as described here: How can I use CSS styles on my form? or simply add a script editor webpart with the following code (this might be the better option as the styles are loaded immediately, where the first option with the form load action will execute at the very end)

      .ard-formwebpart .ms-rtestate-field {
      max-height: 200px;


    BR Matthias


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