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sending to multiple people



  • ArdeviaForum

    Original Post by dany (Imported from Ardevia Forum)

    If you use the following expression to set the To property for the Send Mail action all should be fine:


    =[[MultiPeople.Email]].toString().replace(',', ';' )


    where MultiPeople is the internal name of your multi user field.


    The Send Mail action only accepts semicolon (;) separated email lists at the moment. We will extend this to support commas as well to make things easier in an update soon.

  • PaulS1

    This is how I managed to get the separation of a multiple email addresses in a people group field:

    Use the Expression Builder and select Function code.

    Enter the following:

    var emails = [[your email field]].toString().replace(/,/g,';');

    return emails


    You need to use the RegEx /,/g to globally replace all instances of ',' in the string otherwise it will only replace the first occurrence.


    Hope this is useful as it had me scratching my head for a while.


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