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Ability to edit forms for each content type


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    Original Post by Vitaliy Zadorozhnyy (Imported from Ardevia Forum)

    Hi Cee,
    Thanks for the feedback regarding our product.
    Actually you can build UI on a edit form for switching between content types  using Ardevia Rich Forms Actions (Open List Form action) on Behavior Tab in the ribbon.
    Just add several buttons/links(each per content type) or drop down field with available content types and some button to trigger action(to trigger action on drop down selection changes, you will need a bit of custom JavaScript Code).
    Then on each button/link corresponding to your content types, add following action:


    Important is 'Aditional Query String:' Parameter where you have to specify content type id or expression which will be evaluated to ContentTypeId in case of using drop down with content types.
    As well specify 'Open in:' to Parent frame to reload the current page.


    Feel free to contact us if you need more assistance in configuring this solution.


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