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show a field or fields when a link is clicked




  • sdocherty

    Sorry for adding this later.

    I have been given another requirement for this form. In the screen shot above I have the link called NDA Document that is a hyperlink to the document that the user needs to review. They want to have he document open in a modal window so that the user can see the fields that need to be confirmed behind the modal window. This way the user is not trying to go back and forth between windows.

  • Matthias_Walter

    Hi Sean,

    this scenario can be quickly achieved using a link with action and a helper checkbox which is not visible.

    Do the following steps:

    1. Add a checkbox as helper (e.g. DocRead) and set it's visible expression to =false
    2. Set the visible expression on the fields you want to show after the document has been read to =[[DocRead]]
    3. add a link with actions
    4. Configure the following two actions to show the document and set the checkbox DocRead to 1 (checked)


    The result will look like this:

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards


  • sdocherty

    Hello Matthias,

    Thank you for the quick reply to this question.

    I have tested out your solution and it worked AMAZING!!!!

    Your solution does exactly what I wanted it to do!

    Thank you for your very prompt and excellent assistance!


  • Matthias_Walter

    You're welcome! Thanks for the feedback.



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