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After configuring listview search, and a user hits the enter key, it goes into edit mode




  • Christof

    Hi Theophilus Medeiros

    Are there some url parameters that could influence your submit? Like "displaymode=design" or "?ToolPaneView=2" that would redirect your page to Edit Mode.

    If the problem still exists, please create a ticket by sending us an email to - then we will contact you to make a short session to detect what the reason for this behaviour is.

  • m.fostyak

    As discovered in online support session the error occurs due to some custom scripting. To fix this issue you should follow this steps: 

    1. Navigate to [SiteURL]/sbListViewSearch. 
    2. Open Scripts folder. 
    3. Download sb_lvs_Runtime.js file. 
    4. Open this file and add provided below code snippet to the end of the file. 
    5. Upload file to the Scripts folder. 


    ;LVS.skybow.SearchCriteria.FieldInputEventHandler.prototype.ApplyEvents = function(fieldName, fieldDataManager){
        var _this = this;
        var element = this.Element;
        element.on('keypress', function (event) {
            if (event.keyCode === 13) {
                if (_this.Timeout)
                LVS.skybow.SearchCriteria.CommandHandler.FireCommand(LVSjQuery(, LVS.skybow.SearchCriteria.SearchButton.SearchCommandAlias);
  • Piagno

    I had a similar issue with List View Search. After entering a value and hitting the enter key, the site searched, found the items and reloaded the whole website.

    I could resolve it with the same Patch as Markiyan did, but I had to replace "LVSjQuery" with just "jQuery".

  • Nicole

    Hello Markiyan Fostyak


    I could solve the problem with your code. But only in LVS version

    I have now LVS version and this code works any more. Furtermore if I add this code to my script the LVS don't work any more.


    Can you please help me in this case?


    Kind regards


  • Тарас_Lozynskyy

    Hi Nicole Geier
    We cannot reproduce your issue. Can you please write to and provide more info about your issue (SP version, console errors, what exactly is not working).

    Best Regards
    Taras Lozynskyy

  • Nicole

    Hi Taras Lozynskyy,


    I could solve it. I had delete the add-in and all the folders of it.

    Now after adding it once again and update it with the code. the workaround works also with version


    Kind regards



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