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How to hide the ribbon menu on new and edit forms



  • Matthias Walter

    Hi Hanspeter Zwicky,

    you can hide the ribbon using the toolbar on the right:




  • Joerg Knoerchen

    This is very helpful indeed. However, the bad thing about disabling the entire ribbon is, that with multiple line of text fields, you loose the ability to have access to the rich text formats or add an attachment from the ribbon.

    I prefer to just hide the "save", "edit" and "delete" parts at the ribbon. Therefore, I add a "Script Editor" web part and use this code in it:

    <style> #Ribbon\.ListForm\.Edit\.Commit, #Ribbon\.ListForm\.Edit\.Actions\.DeleteItem-Large {display:none}; </style>

    The first part #Ribbon\.ListForm\.Edit\.Commit hides just the Edit and Save button, so if you need the "delete" button leave #Ribbon\.ListForm\.Edit\.Actions\.DeleteItem-Large out.
    You can also customize the style a bit granular if you just want to hide the "save" or "edit" button and not like I do hiding the entire first section. But you need to dig into the styles to find out how to do just that.

    I did not test the below, as I prefer to hide both, but this might work if you just need to hide the "edit" button for example:





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