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Allow user to edit email before sending


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  • Pius Willi

    Hi Paul Shadwell


    You could add a new "PendingMail"-List with the following columns:



    From / To / Bcc / Subject / Content / SendStatus (default – draft)


    Instead of sending a Mail directly, you can create an Entry in the "PendingMail"-List and then open the Edit form of the newly created item.


    Modify the Edit-form of the "PendingMail" and modify the save function to :

    1. Send the mail with the updated content
    2. Set the SentStatus to "sent"


    On the "PendingMail"-List you can create 3 Scheduled Actions.

    1. Cleanup entries for Mails with status "sent". (if you want a mail archive you don’t have to clean up)
    2. Inform user about Mails still in status "draft"
    3. Cleanup old "drafts"


    You could reuse this "PendingMail"-List from different locations. In this case I would add another filed containing information about Initiator.


    Would this be a suitable approach?


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