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Lookup in sublists in Quick Edit mode




  • Matthias Walter

    Hi Sven Deruyter

    the filter sublist lookup functionality is not yet implemented, but there is an idea posted about it you can give a vote to give it a higher priority: Filter & order single / multiple lookup fields in lists / sublists 
    If you need that earlier, we could implement a custom JS script doing this for you.


    Kind regards


  • Sven Deruyter

    Hi Matthias,

    Thanks for your reply. It looks like that idea is what I was looking for.

    However I'm going to need it sooner... so if possible, it would be great to have a script doing this until it's (hopefully) implemented in Skybow :-).

    Just to be clear, what I actually want to achieve is the following. I have a dossier and some sublists. One of the sublists has several content types. The users want to be able to add items to this sublist using Quick Edit mode. Of course the Content Type field is not editable in Quick Edit mode, so to achieve this I have created a different sublist per content type (list A1-A2-A3-A4) and added a Quick Edit LVWP for each list (which is not ideal, but I don't see another solution). Every sublist has the same lookup field to another sublist (B1). They should however only be able to select items from sublist B1 that have been added for the same dossier item.



  • Matthias Walter

    Hi Sven,

    we are happy to help!

    For custom scripts we need to ask you to book our expert service according to expenditure.

    Let's take a quick look at your requirements in a skype session, so that we can better estimate the effort.


    Don't hesitate to contact me at

    BR Matthias


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