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Skybow Rich Form with repeating section



  • Henning Eiben

    Well, this sounds like a master-detail relation. In terms of skybow this is would be called a Dossier.


    So if you create a new dossier you can choose an existing list as the "master" and then configure sub-items (aka "details"), which can also be an existing list.

    After you complete the dossier "wizard" a form will be generated, which will have the details-list as a grid (or "repeating section" as the speaking of Nintex Forms would be).

  • Tugrul, Ibrahim Cem (FIPC)

    Dear Henning;

    Thank you very much for your response. In my SharePoint site I only can see "Rich Form" and "Tabify Form Page" but the video talks about "Solution Studio" so Do you mean that I can not realize my project without "Solution Studio"? or Can I use "Tabify Form Page" for this purpose?


    Thank you very much

  • Henning Eiben

    I'm afraid you'll need to use solution studio to create dossier in "skybow Online"

  • Matthias Walter

    Hi cem tugrul,

    I've moved this discussion to the add-ins section, but you can achieve the same "dossier" using the add-ins only without Solution Studio. You can do that manually using the built-in tabs and sublist functionality, whereas the Solution Studio Dossier wizard would do the same just automatically for you.

    Just add a standard lookup column to the sublist that it will be available in the ribbon to add to the form.

    On a display form you can use the out-of-the-box "insert related list" functionality from the ribbon




    BR Matthias

  • Tugrul, Ibrahim Cem (FIPC)

    Thank you very much Matthias


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