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How to hide/unhide fields (visible event) based on window.variable



  • Christof Nussbaumer

    Hi Jelle Dijkstra,

    you're right, visible functionality is only triggered by changes of form fields referenced in your expression.

    Is it possible in your case to group the approver fields into a group control? Then you can show/hide the whole group control with all including fields by a visible expression on that group with just one single query request.


    Otherwise you have to set an event handler and write show/hide code of desired controls by yourself.

    As there's no event that gets triggered when a variable changes, seems you have to work with getter, setter functions and run your code to show/hide in there. In javascript, how to trigger event when a variable's value is changed? - Stack Overflow

  • Jelle Dijkstra

    Thanks Christof,

    Unfortunately depending on the outcome of the query I have to inidividually set the approverfields to visible or hidden.

    I am now using additional columns (Yes/No) as 'helper'-fields. This workarond is more convenient for me that building my own event-handler(s).





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