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Dashboards and Charts



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  • Adis Jugo

    Hello Daryl,

    there are different possibilities here. 

    1. One of the most required features is KPI-like formatting of tabular data in SharePoint (list views), something like this:


    As you see here, in the first three columns we have different KPI indicators (info panel with mouse-over functionality, "order status" and "overnight shipping needed". 

    This is easily achievable with picture field types and skybow background calculation. For example, the background calculation for the "status" column (this is a column of fieldtype "picture") looks like:


    This way, the "status" column will always display a proper KPI based on the other values in the SharePoint list.

    2. Graphical visualization of the process stages

    It is very easy to achieve linear process visualisations such as this one:

    In this case, we have used a Rich Text Box element in our UI designer, to place four images for four process stages. This way we can position the visualisation exactly on the place where we want to have it + we can use the whatever design we want, which the fits the UI of the rest of the solution.


    Then we just need to set visibility of each of these visualisations, based on the current process stage:

    In the case above, the second visualisation will be only displayed if the field "OrderStatus" has the value "Assembled Order".

    3. Last but not least, the dashboards

    While we don't provide charting capabilities on our own, you can easily integrate anything you want to have there:

    • You can use our document generation capabilities, and create nicely looking reports in Microsoft Word:
    • We support modern pages in SharePoint Online, and they can contain PowerBI webpart, so you can easily include PowerBI dashboards
    • You can use one of the free available charting APIs, such as Google Charts, in combination with Script Editor webpart:
    • Or you can use any of the third party charting components with SharePoint, such as Collabion charts. We will be publishing a proof of concept with skybow/collabion in the next week. 


    I hope this helps



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