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SKyBow and Workflows for SharePoint Onpremise


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  • Christof Nussbaumer

    Hi Bhaskar Puppala,

    skybow provides actions for business logic which can be used to build use cases e.g. an approval state flow process.

    Actions are fully integrated in Rich Forms and Action Links feature - there is not a seperate workflow builder with a workflow engine behind.

    To understand how it works I suggest to have a look into the How-To videos in our Learning section and check out the simple approval flow in our Timesheet Management template solution:

    The current state is shown as an image inside Rich Forms and on the left are actions users can access by click.


    This solution template is available in Solution Studio where you can directly start with when creating your solution:


    1) These information are for Classic SharePoint Experience - for Modern Experience it's working a bit different (Action Links are replaced by action buttons on form's top command bar) - best check out the modern templates to see this.
    2) Rich Forms and Action Links are available in Solution Studio Online (Build and package solution online, publish on your OnPrem server) or as standalone SP Add-Ins to install OnPrem and build there forms directly.


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