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Deploy / Publish a solution multiple times to the same site?



  • Henning Eiben

    You mean, you have a site, where you created a list and now you want to "duplicated" the list multiple-times? That you cannot do (with Solution Studio).

    When you deploy a solution, the content will be deployed "as-is" - just like in your dev-environment. If you re-reploy the package, the list will be updated, there will not be a second list. If you require multiple lists you will have to create those lists in your dev-environment first and then deploy that to your target environment.

    Or you'll have to re-consider using multiple, identitcal lists. Why would you do that, why not use a single list?

  • Joerg Knoerchen

    Exactly, the identical list is required multiple times with different permissions and for different projects/topiccs.
    The list contains sensitive content, which just should be visible to dedicated groups of people.

  • Henning Eiben

    I'm afarid you'll have to create those lists ahead-of-time in your dev-environment. This will also be needed in order to customize lists experience using skybow.

  • Christof Nussbaumer

    Have to confirm Henning's advice. Same list will always end in an update of the existing list on target site when you deploy.

    You have to initate the copy of your list already in the dev site where you build your solution.

    You can check out the latest create list dialog on SharePoint with the possibility to create a list based on an existing one -> means copy the list.

    skybow customizations will not be copied to the new list. But after adding the list to your solution and customizing the forms with export/import configuration from your original list, you should be able to have in the end a copy of the list in your solution - and ready for later Package & Publish.

  • Joerg Knoerchen

    Thanks a lot, that is what I also considered already if there is no other option.

    Thanks again and have a great weekend!


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