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Dynamic View Selector with Conditions



  • eiben

    I could imagine this to be very tricky, as this UI is owned by SharePoint, and I'm afraid that this would not easily be changed.

  • Joerg_K.

    Before we changed to skybow we had another third party solution in place that was able to display views based on permission and group membership. Would love to see such functionality in skybow. This is a highly requested feature within our company.

    However, for now I started to hide columns that should not be visible to specific users, using column formatting:

      "$schema": "",
      "elmType": "div",
      "txtContent": "=if([$PermMask]>='0x1b0','***','@currentField')"

    Instead of displaying the content of the field *** will be shown. 
    The PermMask is using 

    0x1b03c431aef - means at least Edit permission or higher required to see the content.

    0x1b03c431aef - Edit

    0xb008431041 - View Only

    0x1b03c4312ef - Contribute

    0x1b03c5f1bff - Design

    0x7fffffffffffffff - Admin


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