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multi column layout sizing



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  • Christof

    Hi Joerg Knoerchen, thank you for posting your idea in the community. As we had a good conversation last friday in this topic I want share some discussed points at this place which could help people having the same question.

    The technology is constantly developing and so was doing Microsoft some time ago with in the Mobile / Responsive topic of SharePoint and improved the UI by the Modern Experience. skybow did follow this strategy and implemented a Modern Form builder which is focussed to Mobile ready, responsive forms by default -> skybow Modern Forms

    All the experience we made with skybow Rich Forms we could transfer to this form builder as well - if you know Rich Forms you will recognize many parts (especially field configuration, expressions and even some layouting controls). And for sure it's following a responsive UI behavior, which will by default floating fields below each other if no space is available for columns next to each other or change the tabs into an accordion control... and much more...
    As well in the editor are some additional layouting possibilities as you mentioned above - for example equally splitted columns (responsive by default)

    So everybody who's struggling with same topic on his classic forms we can recommend to check out skybow Modern Forms as standalone SharePoint Add-In or directly fully integrated in Solution Studio.


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