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Hyperlink to alternate form



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    skybow support

    Hi Marko Unverzagt,

    this is happening, because we are adding a redirect url on the forms of the item content type. We do this for the fallback scenario if MS is changing again something in the future and our forms were not opened without that url. If you remove it, it should work with a direct link to the Assistent.aspx page.

    You would have to use the SharePoint Designer to see and clear that redirect url on the item content type of a list:


    Using a skybow form action or a list action you could use our "Open List Form" Action and select the custom form which should work in any case.


    Best Regards Matthias Walter

  • Marko Unverzagt

    Hi Matthias,

    thank you for your quick answer. I know the list/form action and i have done a workaround with this feature: in pre form load action i check the group membership and open the Assistent form in right case. Sadly the Close Form action executes just after closing the Assistent form. So that is a quick and dirty solution with a bad performance.

    I will try to delete the redirection.


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