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Dynamic user-configurable column width in used views



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  • Christof

    With the styling possibility in Modern Forms there is another workaround for this requirement with custom styles:

    1. Create a new Style on the list control in Control Styles:
    2. Paste the below provided style manually into the input in the bottom of the new created style (first is for the column header width, second for column content width):
      .sb-list-column[data-item-key="LongText"] {
      min-width: 1500px;

      .sb-list-row .ms-DetailsRow-cell[data-automation-key="LongText"]{
      min-width: 1500px;
    3. Replace LongText with your own column's internal name
    4. Result:

    This mentioned workaround isn't changing the status of this idea. The initial feature request asks for an easy way or editor to define the column's width.


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