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Generate document with List Action (multiple items selected)



  • svenderuyter


    Any update on this?


  • Christof

    Hi svenderuyter

    I've checked the full use case of generating one single document basing on dynamic selected items on list view (without any saved relations to a higher-level list).

    The Document Generator action itself is supporting dynamic query (Expression supported) to get relevant items dynamically.
    But unfortunately there are some missing parts in functionality for this case:

    • Missing possibility to get the currently selected items from a Modern list view - even not possible by custom code inside Expressions how it was possible in Classic list views -> a missing functionality which needs to be implemented in Expressions to make this possible
    • List Action buttons in Context of Current list becomes hidden as soon items are selected -> change in List Actions logic needed (smaller adjustment)

    Generate Document action supports dynamic query

    List Actions running in Context of Current list

    Feel free to request this feature officially in our ideas section of skybow community portal
    Additionally you'll get contacted by me/us to discuss this topic in detail


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